Art and frame restoration and conservation

Handmade Framing and Gallery's restoration and conservation experts have over 30 years experience restoring valuable and irreplaceable picture frames, oil paintings, watercolours, art on paper and textiles to their former beauty. They regularly work with museums, galleries, private collectors and historic homes.

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Frame restoration

Handmade's frame restoration experts can repair and restore the finest and most ornate details on damaged or tarnished frames. Missing and broken sections are re-sculpted in a sympathetic way that is in keeping with the look, feel and quality of original frame.

Antique ornate gilded gold frame during the repair process
Repairing a corner piece on a vintage plaster and gold frame
Damaged ornate gold picture frame before repair & restoration
Antique picture frame restoration
Ornate gold frame part way through restotation.

Oil Painting Restoration

From fire, water and tobacco residue to tears, punctures, re-stretching and re-lining, our experienced experts can repair, restore, clean and re-varnish your oil paintings to restore original appearance, improve aesthetics and in many cases, increase a picture's value.

Oil painting during cleaning, repair and restoration
Oil painting before cleaning and restoration.
Oil painting cleaned, repaired, restored & back in it's original frame.

Watercolour and art work on paper restoration

Watercolours and other art on paper is particularly delicate. Repair requires the skills of only the most experienced fine art restorers and conservators. Handmade Framing and Gallery's restorers have over 30 years experience and have restored many valuable and delicate watercolours, pencil drawings and other art work on paper to its original condition.

Pencil drawing before restoration and conservation.
Pencil drawing on paper after restotation

“Thank you very much for cleaning our rather dirty old paintings. We are delighted to have them back on the wall so very much cleaner and showing features which we had no idea were there! We are very impressed and happy with the work you did and appreciate the time you spent bringing them 'back to life'.”


John & Elizabeth Hodges

The Square, Kilkhampton, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 9QQ

01288 321221

After cleaning.