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Framed England rugby sports shirt and cap.

At Handmade Framing and Gallery, when we make a frame for you, the frame, mount boards, type of glazing and the techniques used are all chosen specifically for your piece. This means it is impossible to calculate an accurate price without seeing the item to be framed. However, it’s likely that the item you wish to have framed means something to you. Doesn't that mean that it’s worth framing properly?

When you visit our workshop, we will spend time with you looking at a range of options and prices and making sure your piece is framed properly. We are sure you’ll find something which suits your picture, your décor and your budget.

Price examples

When you have something framed at Handmade Framing and Gallery you can choose how well you want to protect that item against damaging factors like acidic materials and UV light. In addition to size, this is one of the two elements that affect the price of a frame. The other element is design. Below are priced examples of the same picture, framed to different conservation levels and incorporating a range of designs. So, the important questions are; 'how good do you want your piece to look?’, ‘how well do you want to protect it?'

To find out about how the right framing choices can protect your valuable and sentimentally important items                              

Minimum Level

basic design and no long term conservation.

Framed print


Commended Level

excellent design options and up to 5 years protection.

Framed print with red wooden frame, treble window mount and anti reflective glass.


Museum Level

maximum conservation (35+ years) and subtle enhancement.

Designer Larson Juhl picture frame with treble cotton board mount and anti reflective, anti UV museum glass.


“You may think you want the cheapest frame but low-cost framing can actually damage your picture”

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