Picture and frame restoration -

returning beautiful frames and artwork to their former glory

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Picture frame restoration

Antique and ornate picture frames are easily damaged. Sections get broken, details damaged and frames become dirty, stained or tarnished. We lovingly repair and restore picture frames to their former glory. From gently sanding and waxing oaks to sympathetically recreating the finest details on ornate gilt frames. Our aim is to maintain the look, feel and quality of original piece.

When a frame is beyond repair, we offer a range of stunning reproduction picture frames that look as beautiful and authentic as the original.


No matter how badly damaged your picture frame is, we can make your frame, and your art work, beautiful again. Contact Handmade Framing and Gallery today and find out why we have so many happy customers .

Fine Art oil on canvas portrait of Nelson framed with detailed ornate gold picture frame by Handmade Framing and Gallery, Bude, Cornwall.
Antique picture and frame before restoration. Water damaged and damaged by acidic framing materials.
Antique print and picture frame after restoration with conservation picture framing materials and reproduction picture frame.
Picture frame restoration taking place on ornate antique guilt gold picture frame.
Antique oak picture frame, with gold frame slip, and certificate before cleaning, conservation and restoration at Handmade Framing and Gallery, Bude, Cornwall.
Restored antique oak picture frame with gold slip, conservation mounted cetificate and reglazed with anti UV glass.
Damaged ornate picture frame corner detail before repair & restoration.
Corner piece of ornate guilded picture frame after restoration at Handmade Framing and Gallery, Bude, North Cornwall.

Restoration of art on paper -

Watercolours, pencil drawings, pastels, pen and ink, prints.

Art on paper is particularly fragile, so over time it often becomes stained, dirty or foxed. Our paper restoration experts gently clean and repair fine art on paper such as watercolours, drawings and sketches. We can remove unsightly staining, acidic damage, dirt and foxing, returning your art to a pristine state.

Give Handmade Framing and Gallery a call right now, to talk to one of our friendly team.

Victorian ornitholigical illustration with simple black picture frame, off white double mount, non reflective glass, made in Cornwall by Handmade Framing and Gallery, Bude.
Illustration on paper, before restoration, showing brown staining due to acidic damaged caused by poor framing materials.
Pencil illustration on paper after repair, restoration and deacidification by our paper conservator.
Watercolour, before restoration, with brown spots caused by foxing and clearly in need of repair.
Watercolour painting after repair, restoration and the removal of foxing and brown stains.

Oil and acrylic painting restoration 

Over time oil paintings and acrylics can become dirty, cracked, punctured or torn. Paint can flake off due to water damage or damp. Our painting restoration conservators are experts at cleaning oil paintings and acrylics paintings on canvas and board. We can repair holes, tears, cracks and loose paint.


Let us bring your art work back to life. We regularly expose long hidden details and our work often adds to a painting's value.


Handmade Framing and Gallery's restoration experts have years of experience restoring valuable and irreplaceable frames, paintings and artwork. They regularly work with museums, galleries, private collectors and historic homes.

To make your frames and artwork beautiful again, get in touch with Handmade Framing and Gallery today.


““Thank you very much for cleaning our rather dirty old paintings. We are delighted to have them back on the wall so very much cleaner and showing features which we had no idea were there! We are very impressed and happy with the work you did and appreciate the time you spent bringing them 'back to life'.”


John & Elizabeth Hodges

Dirty, stained, old oil painting before cleaning and restoration.
Fine art oil painting after cleaning and restoration at Handmade Framing and Gallery, Bude, Cornwall.